CMSC 110 Introduction to Computing

Fall 2015

Professor Blank

Assignment #4: Animation

Due before start of class on Thursday, October 8, 2015


Task: Create a sketch with movement.

Specifics: Write a program that has something move about the screen. You could pick one of the following genres to work:

  • Art
  • Simulation
  • Game

In your overall sketch pay special attention to the aesthetic aspects of your design. Be sure to use the programming features you have learned in the last week or two.

Your sketch could be completely deterministic (no use of random()).

Design and create your own sketch using Processing. Think of yourself as a creative designer when choosing the topic of your design.

What to Hand in:

  • Include in your notebook a paragraph about the sketch, its inspiration, and how you designed and implemented it.
  • Include a brief discussion about your impressions on working on this assignment.
  • You will submit your homework via the "Submit" button.