1. Jupyter Project at Bryn Mawr: Help

Welcome to the Jupyter Project at Bryn Mawr College. Jupyter is an interface to write executable documents, reproducible research, documents with visualizations, and just explore computation.

You can log into Jupyter here: https://athena.brynmawr.edu/jupyter

Below you will find some help on getting started with Jupyter at Bryn Mawr College.

1.1 Changing your password

Start a Terminal:

From the dashboard, select New -> Terminal



A new password should have numbers and letters, composed of more than just dictionary words, and be of sufficient length. It may take more than one try to create a good password.

Note: the characters of passwords (nor any indication that you have pressed a key) will show up as you type.

1.2 Sharing your notebooks

First, make a folder in your root directory:

In [2]:
! mkdir ~/public_html

Next, make it readable by all:

In [3]:
! chmod a+r ~/public_html

Finally, make the readability "sticky" so that all files created here will be readable by all:

In [ ]:
! chmod g+s ~/public_html

1.3 Copying shared notebooks

In [4]:
! mkdir ~/Incoming
In [5]:
! chmod a+w ~/Incoming

3. Learning about...

3.1 Notebook

Some resources for learning about how to edit Jupyter Notebooks:

  1. Jupyter Notebook Users Manual

3.2 Python

Some good resources on learning Python in notebooks:

  1. http://mbakker7.github.io/exploratory_computing_with_python/

4. Known issues

  1. None currently

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