CMSC 110 Introduction to Computing

Spring 2015

Professor Blank

Assignment #3

Due before start of class on Monday, February 16, 2015


Task: Create a piece of abstract computational art using simulated Physics or line strings (as presented in class). The objective here is two-fold: to exercise and learn the ability to draw shapes using Mathematical functions; and to use computation as a medium of creativity by creating something abstract, yet aesthetically pleasing. Here are some sources of inspiration:

  • Artist Robert Delaunay's paintings (there are also others you can look to)
  • Mandala patterns (see discussion in Chapter 4 of your textbook)
  • String Art patterns
  • Spirograph patterns
  • Do a Google Image search to see several inspiring (and some not so inspiring!) results on the above. Also, see the link for how to draw neat string art.

Specifics: Write a program that draws a sketch that occupies the entire display screen.

In your overall sketch pay special attention to the aesthetic aspects of your design. Be sure to use the programming features you have learned in the last week or two.

Make judicious use of colors (in general pure colors do not result in aesthetically pleasing visuals, except, perhaps, in cartoons).

Your sketch could be completely deterministic (no use of random()).

Design and create your own sketch using Processing. Think of yourself as a creative designer when choosing the topic of your design. Some guidelines:

  • Make sure that the canvas is exactly 500 pixels by 500 pixels.
  • You will be judged on creativity and aesthetics; avoid art that looks too simplistic
  • Your notebook is a way to document this experience; make sure that you include your name, and paragraphs described below

Make sure to follow the Code Formatting Standards in your implementation.

What to Hand in:

  • Include in your notebook a paragraph about the sketch, its inspiration, and how you designed and implemented it.
  • Include a brief discussion about your impressions on working on this assignment.
  • You will submit your homework via the "Submit" button.